11 Ways to Select Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Today people are suffering from many health problems and many times these problems can take one to hospitalization. Due to the emergency problem the cost of medical care and treatment may gone very up drastically which can ruin you financially.

Thus, one should choose best health insurance plan, which can result as Boon for you in case of avoiding the financial impact of such problems. The trend which prevails among the society is somewhat like the following;

  • Consumers are getting aware about the health insurance constantly day by day.
  • Individuals are provided with the knowledge about the importance of health insurance policy by the insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies reach at the each and every corner of the world.
  • It is necessary because best medical treatment becomes difficult without spending large (due to rising medical costs).

Below mentioned are some reasons why a person really requires a best health insurance plan;

  • Protect you from high cost and unseen medical expenses.
  • Low premium need to be paid for health insurance plan.
  • Good health insurance use to cover complete medical expenses.
  • Reputed as well as trusted heath insurance company do not neglect your claim in any case or reason.
  • When you or your family is hospitalized, a good health insurance plan can insure you with a little claim process.

11 best ways to choose good health insurance plan

  1. Maximum Coverage Amount
  2. Maximum Age Renewal
  3. Pick a Right Sum Insured
  4. Policies having sub-limits
  5. Low waiting period for pre-existing diseases
  6. Prefer Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  7. High Claim Settlement Ratio
  8. Network Hospital Coverage
  9. Compare Premium
  10. Read what others are saying
  11. Co-Pay and Deductible
  • Maximum Coverage Amount: The health insurance plan that offers you maximum coverage amount is considered to be the best plan. A person should prefer to take high risk coverage health insurance plan, depending accordingly of your need. Because medical expenses are increasing day by day or year on year. As a simple surgery of brain or heart can cost up to Rs 10lakh.
  • Maximum Age Renewal: choose the health insurance policy which can renew you till the age of 75 or above. The best plan is that only which serve you at the time of old age, because when a person is young he/she suffers from fewer problems as compared to the old ones.
  • Pick a right sum insured: Marital status and person’s age is based on considering the right sum insured. A young people had less chances of getting ill or suffering from any disease whereas the old people have large chances. Generally, a person who crossed the age of 40 years had prone to many serious diseases that are like Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Diseases etc. After getting married, the consideration should also be increased according to your spouse’s health.
  • Policies having sub-limits: A person could easily avoid of paying additional costs from his/her pocket by taking a medi-claim or a medical aim policy. This policy offers you highest room rent and other many expenses like per day expenses etc.
  • Low waiting period for pre-existing diseases: A person should start taking a medi-claim policy that has a low period to cover pre-existing diseases, because many health insurance plans cover pre-existing diseases between the periods of 2-4 years.
  • Prefer Family Floater Health Insurance Plans: Family Floater health insurance plan is for those persons who have family after them. These plans are the plans which cover entire family and also with low premiums because individual plans suit single individual only.
  • High Claim Settlement Ratio: this claim settlement ratio is the ratio of claims which gets settled over the total claims received. High claim settlement ratio is the facility that insurance company provide by taking a health insurance, as it would help individual and his/her family to avoid any rejections of or against your claims.
  • Network Hospital Coverage: A person should consider taking a policy which has a large area network especially when he/she is taking it for family members those who live in rural areas. In metro cities, most of the insurance companies offers network hospital coverage for several hospitals.
  • Compare Premiums: a person should choose policy with fewer premiums because there seem to be no benefit of taking insurance policy which has all the features except premium feature means low premium. So, it is also one of the methods to choose the health insurance policy. There are generally high benefits for high premium.
  • Read what others are saying: one of the oldest ways to choose the best health insurance policy is that also to read the reviews about the different plans, because many positive and negative views about the one policy will help you to decide that whether to take the policy or not.
  • Co-Pay and Deductible: Co-pay means that the policyholder has to pay a certain percentage of the total amount of expenses incurred on the treatment. Deductible means somewhat similar to Co-pay i.e. the policyholder has to pay a fixed amount of the expenses incurred. The policyholder has to bear these expenses out of his own pocket, the insurer will not pay for this.

These all the ways through which one can choose the best health insurance plan for protecting himself and his spouse one’s.

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