5 Easy Steps to Verify e-Filing Account with IT Department Website

For people are who are not regular to the IT Department’s website or are visiting the website after a long period of time, they must be facing a situation where they are being asked to verify their accounts. There is no need to panic or consult a tax expert, because this step is a simple solution introduced by the Government to ensure that every account with the IT Department has a registered mobile number and email address. The following is a 5-step process which will allow you to get yourself verified with the IT Department.

Step- 1

Visit the official website of IT Department (http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in) and make a log in with the aid of your username, password and date of birth. Please note, your username is 10-digit alphanumeric number which is mentioned on your PAN Card. Additionally, you will also be required to enter a captcha code which will be present just above the Login Tab.

Step- 2

The moment you log in with the access, you will be shown a verification page. This is a two-step process where on the first page you will be required to enter details such as your User ID, Mobile Number, Email ID along with some secondary information such as the option of ‘Contact belongs to’. Once the full set of information is filed, click on the ‘Continue’ Tab.

Step- 3

Within seconds, you will have two notifications from the IT Department. The first notification will be in the form of a text message which will be sent to your registered mobile number and the second notification will be in the form of an email which will be sent to the furnished email address.

Step- 4

There will be two different PIN codes which you have received through email and SMS, enter the same on the page which appeared after you click on ‘Continue’ Tab in Step- 2.

Step- 5

As soon as valid PINs are entered and you click on continue, you will be redirected to a page where a verification confirmation message will be shown to you. Once you see this message, you can assured of the fact that your account with the IT Department is now verified.

The need for Account Verification

Account verification is a necessity for the Income Tax Department of India. It is a means to ensure that different entities are not mixed up with one another. The objective of this policy is to create a concrete channel which represents atleast two mode of communication for every tax payer, namely, mobile number and email address.

What is a registered mobile number?

When a tax payer pays his taxes online, he is required to offer his mobile number for the purpose of communication, if any. The furnished number serves as a registered mobile number with the IT Department. Any intimation which the IT Department needs to make with the tax payer will be communicated through this number only. Information such as OTP, Verification code, etc., are usually sent by the IT Department on the registered mobile number only.

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What is a registered email address?

The second mode of communication which the IT Department requires is a valid email address. A primary email address serves as a mode of communication and information such as verification code are sent over emails to the tax payers.

The Income Tax Department of India is talking initiatives to ensure that tax filing becomes as hassle free as possible. This why it has introduced online tax efiling where people can file their returns without having troubled with long line at the counter and multiple paper work. All that a tax payer needs to do is register with the IT Department’s website and file his return online. The tax payment transfer is also made through online payment gateway and hence, there is hardly any trouble or hindrances in the process. This makes the whole tax filing process extremely user friendly and free from any kind of problems which people used to face earlier. As per the latest notification from the IT Department, ITR forms such as ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 and ITR-7 needs to be filed online only.


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