GST Return Filing Service – Error & Hassle Free GST Filing

Hiring a dedicated GST expert should be simple Choose your plan, GST expert will call you and get all the business detail. We’ll take care of all GST returns. Fixed monthly rate for unlimited advice for GST related queries on call. See Pricing Hassle-Free GST Filing Service All GST Returns Filing GSTR-2A Matching Error-Free GST … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Set up a Company?

Whenever a person has a business idea, he also has to think of its cost to set up it. Generally, people think of setting up a company as it has some advantages. The cost of setting up a company is to be analyzed before setting up it. The cost of setting up a business depends … Read more

Section 44ADA: Estimated Income Scheme for Small Professionals – Complete Guidance

Presumptive Taxation Scheme of Section 44ADA:  The scheme is started by the income tax department to provide relief to small taxpayers engaged in a specified profession. There is no need to maintain detailed books of accounts or to spend unnecessary time separating personal expenses from business expenses. The special scheme which reports your income is known as … Read more

Advantages of Private Limited Company for Startups & Any Business Model

A private company is most common line of doing business which aims to earn profit and also to enjoy the benefits of incorporated entities. It is a successful business model. Owners hold all shares of the company. It also results helps to protect the personal assets. The following advantages may force an individual to form … Read more

Documents & Forms Required to Formation of Private Limited Company

In this previous article, you get the complete information about how to form private limited company. But after completion of all steps described in the previous article, the following documents are required to filed with the registrar of companies of the state in which the company is proposed to incorporated. Form INC-7: Application for the … Read more

How to Form a Private Limited Company? Step by Step Procedure

The private company is a proven, successful business model. It is most common vehicle to carry on business for making profits and also the benefits of an incorporated entity. Most of us finds very difficult to form a private limited company. Here we summarises the entire practical procedure of formation of company step by step. … Read more

Business Finance Needs – Fixed & Working Capital Requirements

Business finance is a term that consist of wide range of activities and works which revolve around proper utilization of money and other various valuable assets. It also refers money and credit which is employed in the business for earning profit to run a business in a better way, there are many basic requirements of … Read more

5 Ways to Make Indian Tax Structure Best in the World

Taxation scheme is used by the government to encourage or discourage certain economic decisions. Here are few examples like reduction in taxable personal income by the amount paid as interest on home loans results in greater construction activity thus developing the infrastructure of the economy and generating more job opportunities which leads to the overall … Read more

Section 44ADA: Presumptive Income @ 50% for Professionals

The government of India has tried to lower the burden on small businesses as well as the professionals. The incentive of presumptive income has also been provided to the professionals under the act. Let’s have a look on the presumptive income scheme as provided to the professionals in this article. As per section 44ADA, if … Read more

Section 44AD: All About Presumptive Scheme for Businesses

There are a lot of tax compliances which are to be done by every business. The businesses which are having high turnover have to do all these compliances but the small business can opt for the presumptive schemes. In this article, we will discuss about one of the presumptive scheme i.e. Sales for businesses with … Read more