Deduction 80D ay 2023-24 ay 2024-25

Deduction 80D AY 2023-24 & 2024-25: Medical expenses of an insured person are covered by a health insurance policy. Each policy can have different coverage, benefits, and limitations. It makes paying medical bills easier and relieves financial burden. Tax deductions can be claimed on the premiums paid towards health insurance by individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs). Section 80D offers deductions that reduce taxpayers’ taxable income, which means lower tax liability. However, there are certain restrictions under this section about deduction limits, etc., which will be explained in this article along with the maximum amount eligible for deduction under 80d, conditions required for claiming such deduction, calculation method applicable, etcetera so forth also, including all changes proposed until now through finance act 2023.,

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Persons Eligible for Deduction 80D

The following persons are eligible for tax deductions 80D.

  • Individuals: Tax deductions under this section are available to any individual taxpayer.
  • Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs): As well as individuals, HUFs are eligible to claim tax deductions for its members.

Tax benefits can be claimed on the medical insurance premiums paid by individuals or HUFs for self, spouse, dependent children, and parents.

Payments Eligible Under Section 80D 

The following payments are eligible for deduction under section 80D.

  • Any medical insurance premium (Popularly known as MEDICLAIM)
  • Any contribution made to Central Government Health Scheme or any similar notified scheme, or
  • Any payment for  preventive health check-ups, or
  • Any payment on medical treatment expenditure in respect of senior citizen (aged 60 or above) not covered with medical insurance.

Family Members Eligible for Deduction 

An individual who paid medical insurance premiums for himself or themselves, their spouse, their dependent children, or their parents can claim a deduction under section 80D for A.Y. 2023-24 & A.Y.2024-25.

  • In the case of individuals: Self or Spouse or Depended on children or Parents
  • In the case of HUF: Any member of the family

Maximum Amount of Deduction 80D

Maximum Amount of Deduction u/s 80D: The following table shows the maximum amount of deduction allowed under section 80D for yourself, your spouse, your children, and your parents for the assessment year 2023-24 and assessment year 2024-25.

Mediclaim for Self/Spouse/Children

Insurance or Medical Expenditure Persons Aged Below 60 Years Aged 60 Years or Above
For Medical Insurance Premium Self, Spouse and Dependent Children Rs.25,000/- Rs.50,000/-
The aggregate deduction shall not exceed Rs.50,000/-  

Mediclaim for Parents

Insurance or Medical Expenditure Persons Aged Below 60 Years Aged 60 Years or Above
For Medical Insurance Premium Any Parent(s) Rs.25,000/- Rs.50,000/-
The aggregate deduction shall not exceed Rs.50,000/-  

A maximum deduction of Rs 1 lakh can be claimed under this section if the individual or spouse and parents are over 60 years old.

Deduction 80D for HUFs

Insurance or Medical Expenditure Persons Aged Below 60 Years Aged 60 Years or Above
For Medical Insurance Premium or Preventive Health check-up Any member of the family Rs.25,000/- Rs.50,000/-
The aggregate deduction shall not exceed Rs.50,000/-  

Important Points for Deduction 80D

  • If an individual/HUF opts for the new tax regime under section 115BAC, deduction under section 80D is not available from the assessment year 2023-24 and 2024-25.
  • A senior citizen is a resident individual aged 60 years or above.
  • The payment should be made in any mode other than cash. However, the payment on account of preventive health check-upss can be made in any mode (including cash).
  • The payment made for medical insurance premium via credit card/debit card/e-wallet/internet banking shall also be eligible for a deduction 80D for A.Y. 2023-24 and A.Y.2024-25. 
  • In the event that medical insurance premiums are paid in bulk for more than one year, deductions shall be allowed in an equal proportion.
  • The payment shall be made out of the assessee’s total income.
  • Now, it is immaterial whether your parents are dependent on you or not. You can claim a tax deduction for the medical insurance premium paid for your parents whether they are dependent on you or not.  The condition of dependency of parents is eliminated w.e.f. A.Y. 2009-10.

Tax Planning by MEDICLAIM (Medical Insurance Premium) Under Section 80D

  • So it is a good strategy to pay your medical insurance premium yearly for you, your wife/husband, your children and parents.
  • You can get a tax deduction of up to Rs.1,00,000 (60 above self and 60 above parents) under section 80D including a preventive health check of Rs.5000 (self + family).  It is an additional deduction from 80C.
  • The other thing you must note is that medical insurance premiums paid for by parents have more benefits. It is immaterial whether parents are dependent or not.

That’s all readers, If you would like to buy any health insurance policy then please do your research or consult with your tax professional. Always compare your policy premium, features, benefits, claims etc before buying any health insurance policy. There are some health insurance policies to claim deductions under section 80D (MEDICLAIM). Please ask any query related to the health insurance policy, medical, or deduction under section 80D through the comment form given below. We’ll also suggest some good health insurance policies if you want to buy with tax planning.

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  1. Mutual fund purchases on 30/3/18 cheque realised on 01/04/18 whether deduction under 80C can be claim in AY 18-19

  2. I am a senior citizen having no medical insurance policy. But i have to purchase every month For Rs. 2,000/- toRs. 3,000/- for treatment of my self in cash for Diabetes and Hyper tension and Knee problem. Whether I can claim deduction under Section 80D or any other section of Income tax act for the medicines purchased in cash. No medical shop will accept cheque or debit card for the same Please reply to my EMail. THanking you

  3. )Can we claim Doctor’s consultation fees ,purchase of medicines prescribed etc. in AY 2019-20 under sec.80 D upto 50000 (Senior citizens) BOTH. No medical policy is available
    for persons above 70 +

  4. Preventive Health Ceck-up of Rs.5000/- for cash payment mode during FY 2017-18, 80D is applicable for the tax assesse/payer if he/she doesn’t have any mediclaim insurance

  5. With reference to Mediclaim-Pl. suggest me the good plan with low premium and maximum benefits and easy settlement of claim. I am 54 years old person with having mediclaim of New India Assurance for Rs.400000 and also have my wife (48 years) mediclaim of same company for 350000. I am paying every year 30000 premium for both the policies. Now I am in search of a another policy which will cope up my additional expenses or in other words interested in mediclaim of 10 lakh each with lowest premium and maximum benefit.Pl. suggest me the mediclaim policy suitable for me.

  6. I am a retired personnel, without pension and my wife is a central govt. employee. We have purchased a Mediclaim insurance with annual premium of Rs.24000. Will she be eligible for IT benefit for it?

  7. I bought a health insurance in month of march 2016 for the year 2016-2017, can I put the amount in 80D for ITR of 2015-2016?

  8. There is always utter confusion as regards Sec. 80 D – Let the Govt. / tax advisors come out clean and clear on it as far as Senior citizens are concerned as you are also going to face this problem as all illness starts when you are above 60 years of age and totally dependent on interest of your savings with no pension or medical benefits like to Defence personnel / Govt. employees.
    It is very difficult to meet the medical expenses and so die early due to sickness . Our Politicians and their family members are availing total free medical facilities and one dare cannot question them.
    Also almost all Senior citizens are suffering from some sort of illness and their regular expense are on an average of Rs. Five thousand per month or Rs.Sixty thousand per year as the medicines have become very costly and all do not have medical insurance as they can’t afford paying the high insurance premiums . Also the State does not take care of this as there is no social security in India for the senior citizens like in the abroad.
    So all Sr. Citizens should be given a tax deduction of minimum of Rs. 60,000 every year by way of standard deduction .
    This will be a big relief to the senior citizens of our country .

  9. I am 70 years of age. Myself and my wife spend much more than Rs. 20000/PA on our medical expenses ou of my pension. Can I deduct Rs. 5000.00 plus Rs. 5000.00 spent by me for our medical expenses.

  10. I am 68 years old (Male). I have paid Rs.11500 for 2 mediclaim policies in April, 2014. I have spent Rs 8900 towards Preventive Medical check up in recognised hospitals during FY 2014-15. Please advise how much deductions I shall get under U/S 80D for paying Income Tax for FY 2014-2015 ( AY 2015-16).Regards

  11. I had paid above Rs30,000/ towards medical health scheme for insuring myself and for wife.Can I claim deduction of Rs15,000 for myself and another Rs15,000 for my wife under section 80D while calculating income income tax.Kindly clarify

    • Hello Ronald, You can not claim deduction for your wife…because if you paid whole amount then you are eligible only for Rs.15000.

  12. As given in the statement-cash payment of Rs 5000/- shall be accepted if paid during preventive health check-up.

    Just curious to know what are the elements covered under preventive health check-up.
    E.g. Daughter eye check up , Wife bone check up , consultation fee on check up of fever , maleria , etc



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