Do’s & Don’t for Printing & Submitting ITR-V to ITD CPC

The procedure for e-filing of income tax returns is completed when you verify your return.

So, to verify the return you have two ways as follows;

Updates: In accordance with the CBDT notification, the 120-day time limit continues for ITRs filed up to and including 31.7.2022. From 1.8.2022, ITRs filed after that date is subject to a 30-day deadline.

In this article, we will talk about Do’s & Don’t for Printing & Submitting ITR-V to ITD CPC.

There are certain Dos and Don’ts that are applicable in this case. Violation of these conditions can result in the termination of your income tax return.

  • Use a laser Printer or Ink Jet Printer to print your ITR-V form. It is important to ensure that the printout is clear and every section is clearly visible. As a matter of fact, avoid using a dot matrix printer.
  • Black Ink is mandatory. The only ink in which your printout should be done is Black. Please do not waste your time making a colour print or trying something fancy. The IT Department is very strict with its guidelines and will immediately reject applications which are not made as per its established norms.
  • Watermarks are disallowed. The paper which has been used for taking out a printout of ITR-V should be free from any watermarks. The IT Department doesn’t honour papers which has any type of watermarks.
  • The Signature has to be on the copy. Many a time, taxpayers place their signature on the printout and then make a copy of the ITR-V along with the signature. This is not acceptable. Please sign in blue ink as recommended by Income Tax Department.
  • Barcode should not be touched. The barcodes are generally meant for the use of the IT Department. No form of modification/ addition/ adjustments should be done to the barcodes else it will become void.
  • Use only A4 size paper. According to the IT Department, only A4 size paper should be used to take a printout of the ITR-V. Use of any other size is strictly prohibited and will be immediately rejected.
  • Use Fresh Papers for Printout. Make sure that you are using fresh papers for printing out the ITR-V form. Any form of scribbles or writing will not be accepted.
  • ITR-V Acknowledgment form should not be stapled. The ITR-V acknowledgement form should be sent to the IT Department in a sealed envelope. The pages within the envelope should be free from any kind of staple or gem clips.
  • Separate ITR-V forms for Original and Revised Returns. If you have made a revised return, then you would be required to print out two different ITR-V forms. One for the original return and another for a revised return,
  • Many returns under one Envelope. A good thing about the physical filing of the ITR-V form is that you can submit all your ITR-V forms in one envelope. Provided the ITR-V forms should be separately printed out.
  • Just Submit the ITR-V Form. There is no requirement to send any other documents along with the ITR-V form. You can simply place the ITR-V acknowledge form in the envelope and send it to the respective address.
  • ITR-V acknowledgement form should only be sent to
    Please send the duly signed (preferably in blue ink) Form ITR-V to “Centralized Processing Centre, Income Tax
    Department, Bengaluru 560500”, by ORDINARY POST OR SPEED POST ONLY.

What happens if I fail to submit the ITR-V within 30 days?

You must submit ITR-V within 30 days (The 30 days limit is for those who filed their income tax returns on or after 1st August 2022, otherwise the limit is 120 days). If you do not submit ITR-V within 30 days, your income tax return will be considered unfiled. In this case, you must file your income tax return again (with a penalty or penal interest, if applicable).

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