Do’s & Don’t for Printing & Submitting ITR-V to ITD CPC

The procedure for e-filing of income tax return is completed when you verify your return.

So, to verify return you have two ways as follows;

In this article we will talk about Do’s & Don’t for Printing & Submitting ITR-V to ITD CPC.

There are certain Do’s and Don’ts and are applicable in this case. Violation of these conditions can result into termination of your physical return.

  • Use laser Printer or Ink Jet Printer to print your ITR-V form. It is important to ensure that the print out is clear and every section is clearly visible. As a matter of fact, avoid using dot matrix printer.
  • Black Ink is mandatory. The only ink in which your print out should be done is Black. Please do not waste your time with making a color print or trying something fancy. The IT Department is very strict with its guidelines and will immediately reject applications which are not made as per its established norms.
  • Watermarks are disallowed. The paper which has used for taking out a print out of ITR-V should be free from any watermarks. The IT Department doesn’t honors papers which has any type of watermarks.
  • The Signature has to be on the copy. Many a time, tax payers place their signature on the print out and then make a copy of the ITR-V along with the signature. This is not acceptable.
  • Barcode should not be touched. The barcodes are generally meant for the use of the IT Department. No form of modification/ addition/ adjustments should done to the barcodes else it will become void.
  • Use only A4 size paper. According to the IT Department, only A4 size paper should be used to take a printout of the ITR-V. Use of any other size is strictly prohibited and will be immediately rejected.
  • Use Fresh Papers for Printout. Make sure that you are using fresh papers for printing out the ITR-V form. Any form of scribbles or writing will not be accepted on the paper apart from the signature and words printed with black ink.
  • ITR-V Acknowledgment form should not be stapled. The ITR-V acknowledgement form should be sent to the IT Department in a sealed envelope. The pages within the envelope should be free from any kind of staple or gem clips.
  • Separate ITR-V forms for Original and Revised Returns. If you have made a revised return, then you would be required to print out two different ITR-V forms. One for the original return and another for revised return,
  • Many returns under one Envelope. A good thing about physical filing of ITR-V form is that you can submit all your ITR-V forms in one envelope. Provided the ITR-V forms should be separately printed out.
  • Just Submit the ITR-V Form. There is no requirement to send any other documents along with ITR-V form. You can simply place the ITR-V acknowledge form in the envelope and send to the respective address.
  • ITR-V acknowledgment form should only be sent to
    “Income Tax Department- CPC,

Post Bag No- 1,
Electronic City Post Office,

Bengaluru- 560100, Karnataka”

by ordinary post or speed post.


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