10 Steps to e-Verify Income Tax Return Through Net Banking with Pictures

As you know from the previous article that it is the choice of the assesee to do e-Verification of Income Tax return. There are total six ways to do e-Verification of ITRs. Here is one of the way we will discuss in detail i.e. e-Verification of Income Tax Return Through Net Banking.

Net Banking is also known as internet banking, is an electronic system that allows customers of a bank to conduct a range of financial transaction through financial institution’s website. The customers can visit the website and enters the online banking facility using the customer’s number and credentials earlier set up. The types of financial transaction which a customer may transact through online banking are determined by the financial institution. It includes obtaining account balance, list of recent transaction, bill payment and fund transfer. Now days, banks are also providing E-verification of income tax return. All banks in India provide facility of net banking.

You can use your net banking account to e-verify your return. Here you can get step by step tutorial how to do e-Verification Income Tax Return.

Step 1: Login to your net banking account.

eVerify Income Tax Return Net BankingStep 2: Go to manage your taxes or e-file your return menu option in your account dashboard. This can be different for different banks.

ITR verification through net bankingStep 3: Click on the link. You will be displayed the following page as shown below. This page, content and link tabs will differ from bank to bank. Click on the Income tax e-filing or e-file menu.

IT Return e verification through net bankingStep 4: You will be displayed a worded e-file your Income tax return or similarly worded page. If you have more than account in the same bank, choose the relevant one. Tick the Agree to terms tab and then click Submit.

net banking Income Tax Return e verification

Step 5: You will be directed straight to the Department website from here.

net banking everificationStep 6: If you have uploaded your return earlier, go to View Returns tab and click on it.

how to e verify income tax return by net baningStep 7: Select the option ‘Click here to view your returns pending for e-verification’.

net banking e verification
Step 8: will be displayed a page with uploaded returns detail and Click on e-verify.

e verification view your return pending net banking

Step 9: A pop up will appear. Click on ‘Continue’ to generate EVC and get your income tax return verified.

evc through net bankingStep 10: A confirmation message will be displayed with a transaction ID and EVC code. Click on the green button to download the attachment. This is for your record only. No further action is required.

e verification ITR net banking final messageYou can also use the following methods to e-Verify Your income tax return. If you find any difficulty to use net banking for e-Verification.

  1. e-Verification through EVC (Mobile Number and e-mail) (Click here to Know More)
  2. e-Verification through Aadhaar OTP (Click here to Know More)
  3. e-Verification through Demat Account (Click here to Know More)
  4. e-Verification through Bank Account (Click here to Know More)
  5. e-Verification through Bank ATM (Click here to Know More)
  6. By sending Physical ITR-V (Click here to Know More)

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