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GST Calculator allows you to calculate GST-inclusive and exclusive amounts. This GST Calculator India will enable you to calculate GST quickly. Let’s find out how to use this GST Calculator to know the amount including GST or excluding GST.

How to Use GST Calculator India?

This GST Calculator is very easy to use and you can use it at any time. The following is a step-by-step procedure to help you calculate the taxable amount easily.

Step 1: Select the GST rate first.

Step 2: Select whether GST is included or not. Select Yes if your amount includes GST, otherwise select No.

Step 3: The third step is to enter your amount. You’re done!

Step 4: After calculating, you will get the GST-inclusive and GST-exclusive amounts.

Inclusive GST Calculation Formula

In most cases, a taxpayer can easily calculate GST on an exclusive amount. However, the difficulty arises when GST is included in the GST calculation. Here is the formula you can use to calculate GST inclusive of GST. Alternatively, it is called the reverse GST Calculator.

  • Find out GST Amount: GST Inclusive Price * GST Rate/ (100 + GST Rate Percentage)
  • Find out GST Original Amount: GST Inclusive Price * 100/ (100 + GST Rate Percentage)

GST Calculation Example:

  • Total Invoice Value including GST – Rs.210000
  • The GST Rate is 5%

Now find out the original cost and GST on that value. Now, we will use the above formula to find out the original cost/amount exclusive of GST and GST amount.

Find out GST Amount: 210000*5/100+5 = Rs. 10000

Find out GST Exclusive of GST: 210000*100/105 = 200000

GST Calculator can easily calculate all these GST calculations, whether they are inclusive or exclusive of GST. The only thing you need to do is select “Yes” or “No”.

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What is GST inclusive amount?

The GST-inclusive amount is the total price of the product after adding the GST amount. The customer does not have to pay tax separately.

Based on the above example, the inclusive amount is Rs. 2,10,000/- (Calculation Above)

What is the exclusive amount?

By subtracting the GST amount from the GST-inclusive value of the product, GST Exclusive amount is the value of the product.

According to the above example, the exclusive amount is Rs. 2,00,000/-(Calculation Above). You can try the same amount to calculate by our GST Calculator.

Advantages of GST Calculator

This GST Calculator has many advantages as listed below.

  • GST can be calculated both on GST inclusive and exclusive amounts.
  • This makes it easy to calculate CGST, SGST, or IGST amounts.
  • This calculator can be used for GST inclusive amounts as a reverser GST calculator.
  • The calculator is very easy to use and quick to use.
  • It is also possible to use this GST calculator on your mobile device at any time.

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