GST Number Search by PAN at

GST Number Search by PAN at The feature of searching GST number by PAN is available on the official GST portal ( This allows users to verify and retrieve information about GSTIN registrations that have been linked to a particular PAN number as quickly as possible. Businesses and individuals can use this facility free provided by GST department. Here is the complete step by step procedure to search GST by PAN.

GST Number Search by PAN at (Step by Step)

Step Description
1 Visit the GST portal ( Direct Link (Visit Here)
2 Click on “Search Taxpayer” tab.
3 Select “Search by PAN” option.
4 Enter PAN number and captcha code on the GST number search tool.
5 Click on “Search” to view details of GSTIN registration linked to the provided PAN.
6 Click on a hyperlinked GSTIN to redirect to ‘Search by GSTIN’ with the GSTIN auto-filled.
7 Enter captcha code and click on the ‘Search’ button to view detailed business information with GSTIN.

Search GST Number by PAN (Step by Step Images)

gst search by pan

In short, the GST Number Search by PAN is a good way companies and individuals can quickly and correctly confirm GSTIN registrations on specific PAN numbers. It is necessary to simplify the process of identifying and complying with GST using this GST department’s free service. Business users can access all business information, which is very detailed for smooth operations in relation to GST, when they go through these steps described above.

What is GST Number Search by PAN?

It is GST search tool provided by GST department official portal on to search GST search only by using PAN.

Who can use the GST Number Search by PAN tool?

This GST search tool can be used by any person or business to check for valid GST numbers based on pan authentication.

Is the GST Number Search by PAN feature free to use?

Yes, It is a free service from the Department of Goods and Services Tax.

What information can I access using this feature?

This includes details on the entity’s GSTIN, registration status among other relevant particulars

Is there a step-by-step guide available for using this feature?

Certainly, There is an outlined procedure on how to search for GST by PAN number at GST portal.

Can I search for multiple GSTINs using one PAN number?

Surely, you can see many GSTIN under one pan if you have more than one business registered with it.

Is the GSTIN search based on PAN instantaneous?

Ordinarily, once you click submit after entering CAPTCHA and also Enter your PAN details results are displayed immediately.

What if I encounter issues while using the GST Number Search by PAN feature?

It may sometimes encounter difficulties in the process because of various reasons. One can try again later or clear cookies and cache to make sure this works. This will help you get GST numbers without any problems.

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