Filing Income Tax Return with Digital Signature?

The use of digital signature is a significant contribution towards filing your income tax return. However, most of the people do not possess one as a result of which they need to furnish ITR-V in physical form to the Headquarter of Income Tax Department. Here will discuss how to file income tax return using digital signature for A.Y.2019-20. However, if you are going to file income tax return without digital signature follow these guidelines.

What is digital signature?

Digital Signature is regarded as an advanced mechanism whereby people have the liberty to attest soft copies in their own name. In other words, digital signature is a virtual form of signature that can be used to sign documents that are filled electronically. Pertaining to the original characteristic of signature, the digital signature is also unique in nature and differs from person to person. Once all the initial details of the online form has been filled up, the assessee can affix his digital signature and sign the whole filing procedure virtually.

Am I liable to file income tax return through digital signature?

Generally, people are liable to file their income tax return through digital signature as it would complete the proceedings from their side in a matter of few minutes. But however, since the most of the people do not have a valid idea of digital signature and do not possess one, they can also use the medium of ITR-V to complete their online filing procedure, but again, it can be time consuming.

How to get digital signature?

For the purpose of obtaining digital certificate, one needs to buy one from any of the agencies as permitted by the Authority. Some of the most famous ones are in form of TCS, SAFESCRYPT and GNFC. There would be a CF (certifying authority) who shall certify your ID proof and residential proof and after being satisfied, shall provide you with a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) that shall look like an USB.

What is the cost of obtain digital signature?

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) comes from Rs.750 to 3500. Check it here for digital signature price list. The first price includes a validity of one year whereas the second cost includes a validity of two years. These Digital Signatures can again be renewed after their expiry by paying a nominal amount.

What information I have to provide to get digital signature?

Digital Signature is verified on the identification proof of the assessee which requires him or her to furnish a valid ID that has the picture proof with the name of the assessee. Additionally, residential proof is also required.

Procedure to register digital signature?

  • Once you have your own digital signature,
  • Access the IT Department’s website and login with your ID.
  • Click on ‘My Account’ tab and select the option of ‘Update Digital Certificate
  • Click ‘Yes’ on the next pop up box (check the box which states “Always trust content from the publisher”, then click on ‘Run’.
  • Choose “upload your USB token” followed by “USB token Certificate”
  • Now simply locate the file from your PC and enter the token password.
  • Lastly, click on sign to get your digital signature registered.

Procedure to file income tax return through digital signature?

When all the compliances have been fulfilled while filing online return, the last step is to file digital signature. Here the assessee requires clicking on the option of attaching digital signature followed by affixing the same from his PC.

To know the step by step information how to file income tax return online with or without digital signature, please visit here.

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