Tax Calendar Oct 2021 (Due Dates GST, TDS, Income Tax)

Tax Calendar Oct 2021 (Due Dates GST, TDS, Income Tax): Find all the income tax & GST due dates, last dates, deadlines for the period in the month of Oct 2021. The due dates includes all TDS Returns, TDS Statements, income tax returns, income tax payments & TDS certificates along with form name and period. The assessee can find their obligation toward income tax department through this income tax calendar for the month of Oct 2021. You should also bookmark this page to visit regularly.

Tax Calendar for October 2021

Due DateCompliance
07-Oct-21TDS Payment for Sep Month
11-Oct-21GSTR - 1 Monthly for Sep Month
13-Oct-21GSTR-1 (July Sept 2021) for QRMP
13-Oct-21ADT-1 by Companies
15-Oct-21TCS Payment for July to Sep Quarter
15-Oct-21PF Payment for September, ESI Payment for September
18-Oct-21CMP 08 for July to Sep (Composition)
20-Oct-21GSTR 3B for Sep (Monthly)
22-Oct-21GSTR 3B from July to Sep 2021 (Only for South India)
24-Oct-21GSTR 3B (July Sep 2021) Only for North India
25-Oct-21GST Payment (In case of no sufficient ITC for Sep) for all Quarterly Filling dealers
29-Oct-21AOC 4 Filing for Companies
30-Oct-21Form 8 Filing for LLP
30-Oct-21Quarterly TCS certificate (QTR ends 30th Sep 2021)
31-Oct-21TDS payment for July Sep 2021

12 thoughts on “Tax Calendar Oct 2021 (Due Dates GST, TDS, Income Tax)”

  1. Hi,
    I mainly have my source of income coming from rented commercial property from where the tax is deducted at source. Apart from this I have a little coming from my agriculture land. I have been paying advance income tax all these years but this time I wanna pay my tax in March 2016. Is it possible. Also plz suggest how do I pay my tax online. Thanks

  2. Hi Rohan,

    I would like to know for this Financial Year of 14-15, when is the last date for companies to fill in the details into the 26AS form.
    Maybe I am not saying it right, I jumped 3 companies since March 14 to Mar 15, but only 1 company has mentioned the details in my 26AS form, so what is the date for the last company to put in the Tax details.

  3. Sir my university is depositiing TDS deducted from my salary after 15 march every year and gives justification that in their case they can deposit it upto 07 april also however on efiling a tax is being deducted how and whom to complaint against university

  4. i did like ur page very much and its very helpful and informative to me and many others. thanx

  5. i was working in a company as contact employee and my 10% TDS was deducted from my salary and now i left that company and they given me from 16 A. Please tell me what is the process for for return file of TDS my salary was less then 2 lacks. Please suggest me what is the last date and whats the process.

    • Hello Ajay,
      Have you recieved the required info if not then here is what you need to do.
      First register at and then view your form 26AS within the website. Now start filing a new return on the site itself. You would need information from 26AS form to fill it.

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