Rent Receipt Generator Online Free

 Free Online Tool for Creating Rental Receipts: A rental receipt is a document that acknowledges the fact that a tenant has paid rent to their landlord. Normally, the payment voucher must have the payment date and its amount, period of tenancy, address of the tenant as well as the signatures of both parties involved – … Read more

Tax Benefits on Stamp Duty & Registration Charges of a Property

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges are the expenses which have to be paid while buying a house and get it transferred in your name. It is the tax that is paid on the market value of the house. The Stamp duty and registration charge is mandatory and is levied by the Government of India. The … Read more

House Property Income Calculation and Deduction 2024

What is House Property Income Any building or land attached to it that is owned by the assessee is considered to be house property. House properties could be your own home, office, a shop, or even a building that is attached to the building like a parking lot. This could also include the land that … Read more

Tax Implications When Selling a House

Tax Implications When Selling a House: People are always keen to find themselves their first home. For this purpose, they work tirelessly day-in and day-out. However, before one buys or sells a house there are certain tax implications that needs to be taken care of. Without prior knowledge about applicable tax liability, house owners and … Read more

5 Income Tax Benefits to Own a House

Owning a residential house is a dream of every person. The privilege of owning a house not only gives you the liberty to operate with ultimate freedom with respect to construction and modification, but also lets you have a status symbol. One thing that you would be pleased to hear is that even the Government … Read more