How to link Aadhaar Card with PAN Online?

The income tax department wants to reduce the manual work regarding e-filing and to reduce the tax evasion. As per the notification issued by the IT department, linking of Aadhaar Card with the PAN is compulsory for every assessee. Time limit for intimation of Aadhaar number to the Income tax Department for linking of PAN … Read more

Know Your PAN by DOB & Name 2019 – Verify Online

Sometime you find difficulty to find your PAN number i.e forget your PAN number, lost PAN number and want to know PAN online by one click. So you can do this only by entering your date of birth, last name and mobile number. It is a service itself provided by income tax department officially. Here … Read more

Persons Liable to Apply PAN & Transactions Which Require PAN

Most readers of this website ask us that are they liable to apply PAN? In which transactions PAN is mandatory? As there are lots of confusion over PAN. So we sum up here complete detail about PAN that who are required to apply PAN and in which transaction you should provide PAN while making that … Read more

Check PAN is Mandatory for You or Not?

PAN should be quoted in all the documents related to income tax like income tax return, income tax Challan, correspondence, documents related to income tax. PAN is very important number/card/document for assessee as it is an identity of the person in the eyes of the income tax department. Here you can find is PAN is … Read more

Transactions Where PAN Quoting is Mandatory

Now you all know PAN and AADHAR Is mandatory for all Government communication and work. Here are some of the transactions where PAN is mandatory even there is not tax involvement. You can not avoid PAN if you want to do the following transaction. Sl. No. Transaction Required of PAN card 1 Purchase / sale … Read more

How to Make Changes & Correction in PAN Card?

There may be instances where there might be a slight error in the PAN CARD. It may be spelling mistake, Date of Birth wrongly written etc. However, there is nothing to worry as it is very simple to correct and get new PAN card within a week. Important Note: W.e.f. 1-7-2017, a person desiring to … Read more

Lost or Damaged PAN Card – What to do?

Many a times, a person gets into a tough situation when a PAN Card is lost. The loss of PAN Card can be due to negligence of a person or due to some unavoidable factors such as theft. Under such circumstance, the first requirement is file an FIR at the nearest Police Station and obtain … Read more

Apply Free Instant ePAN – New Facility by IT Department

Income Tax Department has launched a new facility called Instant e-PAN. This facility is free of cost for instant allotment of e-PAN and is available only for a limited period on first come first service basis. It is good opportunity for the persons who have not PAN card. They can get benefit of this free … Read more

Download Form 49A PDF Format Changed UptoDate

Form 49A is an application form to apply PAN for residents in India. You can download the form 49A, print form 49A, fill form 49A and submit it to the nearest TIN facilitation center along with required documents and photographs. You can also submit the required documents online. Here we will discuss how to download … Read more

What Should I Do If Having No PAN?

As you all know that PAN is required for large banking transactions, property transactions, loans, TDS/TCS transactions and for other various income and expense payments. But you require PAN card immediately to quote on various transactions then there is problem for us. As if you are going to apply new PAN today, you have to wait … Read more

What is PAN Card?

In simple words PAN card is an identity in the eyes of Income Tax Department. It contains all necessary information which Income Tax Department needs. In this article we will cover all aspects of PAN like what is PAN, How to apply, Who is liable to apply etc. Please ask if you have any queries … Read more

Track PAN Card Status – UTI, NSDL PAN Application Status 2018

When you apply for PAN card, you get acknowledgement receipt. The acknowledgment receipt has acknowledgment number. The acknowledgement number will help you to track your PAN application status. You can check or track your PAN card status with this acknowledgment number easily. PAN card status here means to check your application status for approval, rejection … Read more