ITR 4 A.Y.2022-23: How to File ITR-4 Online?

ITR-4 A.Y. 2022-23: The Resident Individual/HUF/Firm (other than LLP) having specified income as given below can submit income tax return through the ITR-4 form. In this article, we will discuss all the latest information about ITR-4 like filing, submission, excel utility, download links, PDF formats, FAQ and more.

Download ITR-4 for A.Y.2022-23

Download ITR-4 A.Y. 2022-23: Here is the table where you can find the official download link to download the ITR-4 (A.Y. 2022-23) excel utility and PDF format links.

ITR-4 PDF Format Download Here
ITR-4 Excel Utility Download Here
Check Online Instructions Visit Here
Utility Download Link

Who Can File ITR-4 (A.Y. 2022-23)?

Persons who are eligible to file ITR-4 (A.Y. 2022-23): ITR-4 is an Income Tax Return form to be filed by an Individual/HUF/Partnership Firm (Whose income is not more than Rs.50 Lakh) who has the following income for A.Y. 2022-23: –

  • Business income where such income is computed under sections 44Ad and 44AE
  • Income from profession computer under section 44ADA
  • Salary/Pension up to Rs. 50 Lakh
  • Income from one house property up to Rs. 50 Lakh (excluding cases where there is brought forward loss or loss to be carried forward under this head)
  • Income from other sources up to Rs. 50 Lakh (excluding winning from lottery and income from race horses)

The taxpayer will have to file ITR-3 if the business mentioned above exceeds Rs.2 crores.

Who Can Not File ITR-4 Sugam Form for A.Y.2022-23

ITR-4 (SUGAM) cannot be used in the following cases for A.Y. 2022-23.

(a) Income from more than one house property or where there is brought forward loss or loss to be carried forward under this head; or

(b) Income from Winnings from lottery or income from Race horses; or

(c) Income under the head ―Capital Gains, e.g. Short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains from the sale of house, plot, shares etc.; or

(d) Income taxable under section 115BBDA; or

(e) Income of the nature referred to in section 115BBE; or

(f ) Agricultural income in excess of ₹5,000; or

(g) Income from Speculative Business and other special incomes; or

(h ) Income from an agency business or income in the nature of commission or
brokerage; or

(i ) Person claiming relief of foreign tax paid under section 90, 90A or 91; or

(j ) Any resident having any asset (including financial interest in any entity) located
outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India; or

(k) Any resident having income from any source outside India.

How to e-File ITR-4?

Filing ITR-4 Online Procedure: Here is the step-by-step procedure to file ITR-4 A.Y. 2022-23 online by an offline utility provided officially by Income Tax Department.

Entering Information in ITR-4 Form Excel Utility 

Step 1 Download ITR-4 Excel Utility for filing ITR-4 A.Y. 2022-23
Step 2 Fill Income detail worksheet
Step 3 Fill TDS detail worksheet
Step 4 Fill all TCS detail worksheets
Step 5 Fill taxes paid and a verification worksheet
Step 6 Fill 80G donation detail worksheet
Step 7 After filling in all the detail click on validate
Step 8 After validation click on Generate XML for ITR-4 A.Y. 2022-23
Step 9 After XML generation, you are ready to file ITR-4

E-filing Procedure ITR-4 form

Step 1 Visit here -> to file online ITR-4 a.y. 2022-23
Step 2 If you already registered then login
Step 3 If you are not registered then click on register yourself
Step 4 After login click on e-file
Step 5 Then select assessment year and select ITR-4 here
Step 6 Browse your XML file as generated above for ITR-4 A.Y. 2022-23
Step 7 Select digitally sign as Yes (if you have digital signature), if Not then select No
Step 8 Click on Submit button
Step 9 The system will generate ITR-V, Print it
Step 10 Send ITR-V to the address given in ITR-V
Step 11 E-verify your return – Check here how to e-verify Income Tax Return

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  1. There is no income other than interest on income. The Bank has deducted an income tax of Rs.1200 on an interst income of Rs 100000 plus for the F.Y.2015-15 A.Y.2016-17.Which form shall beused for recovery of tax.

    • hello Bishwas, You can file 4S if you declare your profit over 8%. It is very simple form and without filing any balance sheet, you can easily file your income tax return. Ask further if you have any query.

  2. sir i am salaried person but i have lost some amount in share market in F&O segment. kindly tell me which form of ITR valid for me where i can show my loss.

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  3. request to Income Tax Department – please provide Excel Utility ITR Form no. 4 for online filing purpose at the earliest – ITS LATE NOW

  4. request to Income Tax Department – please provide Excel Utility ITR Form no. 4 for AY 14-15 for online filing purpose at the earliest

  5. request to Income Tax Department – please provide Excel Utility ITR Form no. 4 for online filing purpose at the earliest

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    Please us know when the ITR-4 – 4S and ITR-5 will come
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