How to Make Changes & Correction in PAN Card?

There may be instances where there might be a slight error in the PAN CARD. It may be spelling mistake, Date of Birth wrongly written etc.

However, there is nothing to worry as it is very simple to correct and get new PAN card within a week.

Important Note:

W.e.f. 1-7-2017, a person desiring to obtain PAN shall be required to possess and quote his Aadhaar Number. Where the applicant has applied for Aadhaar No. but the same has not been allotted, he may quote the Enrollment ID of Aadhaar application form issued to him.

Besides, all person who have been alloted PAN as on 1-7-2017, shall also be required to furnish their Aadhaar Number in the prescribed form and within the specified time. Oterwise the PAN allotted shall be deemed to be invalid.

There is an error in my PAN card, what to do?

The moment when you spot an error in your PAN Card, you should look forward to get it rectified. There is nothing to worry about the same as the whole process of effecting a change in the PAN card can be done in two ways i.e. offline or online.

First of all, you will be required to be ready with 2 passport sized photograph (scanned), scanned proof of your address along with date of birth, scanned signature and Aadhar Card copy.

Make Changes or Correction in PAN Card by Offline Method

Step 1 – Download Request for New PAN Card or / And Changes or Correction in PAN Data Form. Click here to Download

Step 2 – Now, tick the column which you want to correct or change in PAN Card detail.

Step 3 – Signature on it and paste your recent photographs.

Step 4 – Submit it to nearest “TIN Facilitation Centre’. Find PAN Card Centre here.

Thats it! You will receive your new reprinted PAN Card with in 15 days.

Make Changes or Correction in PAN Card by Online Method

PAN Card correction will take only a few minutes. All that a person needs to have is a computer, internet connection and the required scanned documents.

Step 1- NDSL Website

To begin the process of making corrections in the PAN Card, you are required to visit the official website of NDSL. The same can be done by typing the address- <>. You can also copy-paste the above mentioned link from here and paste in a new tab.

Step 2- Choose “Changes or Correction in PAN Details”

Once the page loads, you are required to select the third option from the right hand side which says “Changes or Correction in PAN Details”. This will allow the user to make the changes by way of presenting the required documents as a proof.

Step 3- Follow the guidelines

The process of making changes will take a few minutes, if you are able to follow the given guidelines. The form of changes is extremely simple and people are easily able to follow the same. After being satisfied with the corrected information, hit the submit button to complete the process of making corrections in your PAN card.

Step 4- Make Payment

The last step is to make a payment of INR 107, which is inclusive of taxes as well. Wait for the department to confirm your payment and then save the receipt generated in PDF form.

Things to remember:

There are several things which a person must remember at the time of making corrections in his/ her PAN Card. Some of the key areas are:

1) Wait for the payment to get confirmed. It is important to be patient till the receipt is generated by the department.

2) Follow the specific format. Cases where dates are required to be mentioned, such as your date of birth- make sure that you are entering the same in the correct form. The format is of Date-Month-Year. If your date of birth is 2nd March, 1965, then the same should be entered as 2, 3 and 1965.

Update: Now, you don’t need to send documents to NSDL office. After implementing Aadhar card it is very easy to e-sign the documents. So, you just need to provide Aadhar number it will send OTP on your Aadhar verified mobile number. That’s it!



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