How to File Revised Income Tax Return?

Revised returns are nothing less than a second chance to live for people when it comes to filing online income tax returns. People can use this mechanism to rectify their existing filed return and thus, save penalties and other losses.

What is revised income tax return?

Taking a reference from Indian Tax Law, the facility of ‘Revised Return’ is mentioned u/s. 139 (5) which facilitate assessee to rectify their current filed return to the Income Tax Department. In general term, the revised return is a procedure to rectify the existing filed income tax return which had been earlier filed within the prescribed time limit. The rectification which has to be carried out in the revised return can be in respect of any omissions or any errors in computation or can be with necessary modifications such that all the existing defects are removed from the revised return.

Example: Ram filed his return of income for A.Y. 2018-19 on 22nd July, 2018. After filing of his return he observed some mistakes in the return. So Ram can file his revised return for A.Y.2018-19 upto 31st March, 2019. He should file his revised return before completion of assessment.

Why I should submit revised income tax return?

Revised returns are always regarded as a boon as it provides the people with the flexibility of rectifying their mistakes within a prescribed time limit. Failure to do so can attract heavy penalties and fines.

If a return is incorrect and is also not revised, then the return is regarded as a defective return by the department and hence can be a matter of further penalties. Additionally, the scrutiny department shall necessarily emphasis on the impact of such an event.

Deadlines to submit revised income tax return?

People who wish to file their revised return; they can simply file it at any time before expiration of one year from the applicable relevant year or before the assessment year gets completed, whichever is earlier. In the present context, the revised return should be filed on or before 31st March, 2019.

A revised return cannot be filed in a case where the original return has been filed late i.e. after the due date. Revised returns in such cases can however, be accepted and regularized u/s 148.

Where and how to file revised income tax return?

One has two options for filing the revised return. The first option is by the online mode where a person can access the Income Tax Department website and log in for making necessary adjustment. However, one needs the 15 digit acknowledgement code for such purpose. On entering the same code, the website makes a vivid search and then furnishes the prescribed guidelines to make necessary adjustments. But however, there may be occasions where the website may display an error. In such a case, one should try the second option, that is, by manual filing.

Important points to remember before filing and submitting revised return

There are certain credentials which should necessarily be present in your revised return. Here are some of the most important facts and myths about the same:

  • Make sure that you have not lapsed the time period that is available for the revised return to be filed
  • Make sure you provide a valid proof of the mistakes that were previously present in the return
  • Omissions, if any, shall be vividly mentioned with proof such that they do form concrete evidence and appear to be true by notion
  • None of the revised return shall be filed with a view to suppress the tax liability; else the same shall be punished severely



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  1. Sir
    Please give me a example wit take Some amount which on show how/how much TDS is deduct on that amount with service tax

  2. Dear Sir,
    While filing in AY 2014-15 income from salary and income from other source given wrong amounts. Returns was upload on 27-07-2015 and acknowledgement number generated. Present i want to revise my returns with new figures of income.Please give me suggestion to overcome my problem. tan q sir.

  3. dear sir,
    I have to file salary return of employees. Suppose Q1 I have deduted TDS on salary of 2 employees. In software fist i have to create payment challan of deducatee. after i have to file up all information of dedctee.that time what amount to be write i.e gross salary or salary of three month. please help me

  4. Hi,
    I have filed origional return manually and I have acknowledgement number. When I try to file revised return online(income more than 10 lac), it is not accepting acknowledgement number. Since my income is more than 10 lac, i cannot fiel it manually also.
    Pleasea advise.


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