TCS Rates Chart FY 2024-25 AY 2025-26 (Download PDF and Excel Format)

TCS Rates Chart FY 2024-25: This TCS rates chart tables shows the rates of tax collected at source (TCS) for different financial transactions during the financial year (FY) 2024-25 and assessment year (AY) 2025-26.

👉 TCS Rates Chart FY 2024-25 AY 2025-26

SectionNature of TransactionRate
✅206C(1C) - Sale of Goods
Tendu Leaves5%
Timber & Other Forest Products2.5%
Alcoholic Liquor for Human Consumption1%
Minerals Being Coal Lignite, Iron Ore1%


Leasing or licensing or transferring any right or interest in any
-Parking lot or
-Toll plaza or
-Mine or quarry for the purpose of business
✅206C(1F)Sale of a motor vehicle of the value exceeding 10 lakhs
1) TCS will apply only in the case of motor vehicles at the retail level. No TCS under this section sale by manufacturers to dealers/distributors.
2) A threshold limit of Rs.10 lakhs has to be looked at on each individual purchase and not on aggregate purchases made during the year.
✅206C(1G) Foreign remittance of money more than Rs.7 Lakhs under Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI
1) 5% of the amount in excess of Rs.7 Lakhs
2) In the case of LRS if the remitted amount is out of education loan taken from Financial Institution then TCS rate shall be 0.5% instead of 5%.
Selling of overseas tour package (no threshold limit)
- Up to June 30, 20235%
- From July 1, 202320%
Any other case (Foreign remittance through LRS and overseas tour package)
- Up to June 30, 2023 (exceeding Rs. 7 lakh in a financial Year)5%
- From July 1, 2023 (no threshold limit)20%
✅206C(1H)Sale of Goods (other than export and covered u/s 206C(1)/(1F)/(1G)
1) 0.1% of the consideration in excess of Rs.50 Lakhs
2) Seller/Collector in this case whose last year turnover is more than 10 Crore.
3) If the buyer deducts TDS under any section then TCS will not be applicable under this section.
4) No TCS if the buyer is Central Government, State Government, High Commission, Legation, Commission, Consulate, the trade representation of a foreign State, a local authority or a person importing goods into India or any other notified person.
5) No need for any adjustment for GST or sale return as TCS under this section applies only on receipt of consideration
6) In the case of the sale of fuel to NR Airlines companies at Indian Airport are not liable for TCS under the section.<
7) In the case of Motor vehicles if section 206C(1F) is not applicable then section 206C(1H) will be applicable if other conditions of this section are satisfied.

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You can download TCS Rates chart for F.Y.  2024-25/A.Y. 2025-26 in Excel and PDF format from the links given below.

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TCS Rates Chart FY 2023-24/AY 2024-25 

👉 About TCS Rates Chart for FY 2024-25 and AY 2025-26

  • Transaction Type – There are many types of transactions or situations where one may be required to pay taxes on his/her income such as sale of goods; sale or transfer of property situated in India; foreign remittances etc., each attracting its own rate under this head.
  • Applicable Section – Income Tax Act has different sections dealing with various aspects related to collection through sources including provisions relating thereto so specified by Central Government from time to time applicable across all states within jurisdictional limits prescribed under section 206C(1).
  • Rate (%) – It shows what percentage should be withheld out of total value received by seller while making payment towards goods sold / services rendered etc., subject to some threshold limits if any applicable thereon.
  • Threshold Limit – This is minimum value above which only TCS will apply and not below that particular amount i.e., if transaction crosses prescribed limit then it attracts provisions otherwise no need to deduct income tax at source considering this category.
  • Applicability – Whether such levy shall apply equally on residents or non-residents depending upon nature/characteristics involved in transaction like whether resident seller sells his assets abroad through foreign buyer etc…
  • This complete guide about TCS rates chart helps individuals & institutions know about recent amendments made under income-tax law so that they may plan their investments accordingly besides being aware regarding obligation imposed by these statutes which leads them avoiding penalties or other legal consequences arising out of non-compliance with Indian tax laws.
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