Section 194H TDS on Commission & Brokerage AY 2023-24

A complete guide of section 194H – TDS on Commission and Brokerage for A.Y.2023-24. Who is Liable to Deduct TDS under section 194H? Any person who is liable to pay commission or brokerage shall deduct TDS. Any person other than individual & HUF Individual and HUF required to deduct TDS, if last year turnover exceed … Read more

Who is Liable to Deduct TDS for F.Y.2022-23

Any persons responsible for making specified payment (check here specified payment) as prescribed in income tax are liable to deduct tax at source.  The obligation to deduct tax at source is upon the person responsible for paying the income/amount which is subject to TDS. In simple language Two parties i.e. Payer and Payee. Payer makes … Read more

TDS on Salary: Easy Way to Calculate TDS on Salary

The most confusing concept in whole TDS is “TDS on Salary” as readers always asked questions about the topic. In this article, we will cover all the topics related TDS on salary like how to deduct TDS on salary, how to calculate tds on salary, deposit TDS, submission of statements, time of deduction, annual salary … Read more