Time Limit to Deposit TDS & Issue TDS Certificate AY 2023-24

Now, you all know who is responsible to deduct TDS and on which payment they are liable to deduct TDS in our previous articles. But now it is the primary duty of the deductor to deposit TDS to the government account on behalf of the deductee/payee. So deductees can claim it on their income tax returns.

Time to Deduct TDS

It should be done at the time of credit to the payee’s account or payment thereof, whichever is earlier.

Tax is to be deducted at source at the time of credit to the payee’s account or on accrual of the payment at the end of the accounting year or at the time of payment in cash or by cheque or draft or any other mode, whichever is earlier.

TDS should be deposited into the Govt. account within the prescribed time along with Challan No.281 or e-payment of TDS through the NSDL website.

E-payment of TDS is mandatory for those who are required to get their accounts audited u/s 44AB and all companies. The E-payment can be made by internet banking, debit card or credit card. See how to pay income tax online?

Type of TDS Certificates

Form No. Nature of Payment
Form No.16 For Salaries
Form No.16A For all other payments (except u/s 194IA and 194IB)
Form No.16B For transfer of immovable property (u/s 194IA)
Form No.16C For payment of rent by an individual/HUF (u/s 194IB)

Computerised TDS Certificates

You can issue TDS certificates using digital signatures. You must ensure that the certificates are not amenable to change by anyone.

If you want to issue a certificate other than salary then you must require to issue a TDS certificate in Form 16A, generated through the TIN website with a unique TDS certificate number and authenticated by using either a digital signature or manual signature. 1

Time-Limit for Issue of TDS Certificate

Form 16A should be issued within 15 days from the due date for furnishing the statement of tax deducted at the source. In the case of Form 16A, it shall be issued quarterly within 15 days from the due date for furnishing the statement of TDS for the relevant quarter. That is, the due dates for the issue of the TDS certificate for each quarter shall be as under.

TDS certificate in form 16B in respect of consideration for transfer of immovable property, or Form 16C in respect of payment of rent by an individual/HUF, shall be issued within 15 days from the due date for furnishing the Challan-cum-statement in Form 26QB or Form 26QC, respectively. The certificate shall be generated and downloaded from the TDS web portal.

Quarter ending Due date for issue TDS Certificate
30th June 15th August
30th September 15th November
31st December 15th February
31st March 15th June

Penalty for Not Issuing TDS Certificate

The penalty of Rs.100 per day for each certificate is delayed. The amount of penalty can not exceed the TDS amount for the quarter.

Issue of Duplicate form 16

If the TDS certificate is lost, the person deducting tax at the source may issue a duplicate certificate as follows:

  • Duplicate in form no.16 can be given after downloading from the TRACES portal.
  • In case of tax deduction other than salary duplicate form no. 16A can be given after downloading from TRACES Portal.

Time-Limits to Deposit TDS

Where tax is deducted by the office of the Government: 

  • on or before 7 days from the end of the month in which the deduction is made; and
  • on the same day where the tax is paid without production of income-tax challan.

In any other cases,

  • on or before 7 days from the end of the month in which the deduction is made; and
  • on or before the 30th day of April, where the income or amount is credited or paid in the month of March.

The assessing officer may allow any person to deposit TDS quarterly as given below:

TDS on salaries, or interest other than interest on securities, or insurance commission, or commission or brokerage

  • – 7th July, 7th October, 7th January, 30th April

Due Date of Payment of TDS and TCS

TDS/TCS Period TDS Due Date TCS Due Date
From April to Feb Months 7th of next month 7th of next month
March 30th April of Next FY 7th April of next FY
If TDS deducted u/s 194-IA, 194-IB or 194M then it should be deposited within 30 days from the end of the month in which deducted along with return in Form 26QB, 26QC, 26QD.

Penal Interest in Default of TDS Payment and Deducted

1% From the date on which tax was deductible to the date on which tax is actually deducted
1.5% From the date on which tax was actually deducted to the date on which tax is actually paid

Where a person defaults in fulfilment of the obligation to deduct tax on salary or other payments at source and to pay it to the credit of the central government within the prescribed limit, he is liable for penalty under section 221.

Amount of penalty

  • As Assessing Officer may direct and in case of continuing default such further amounts as the AO may direct from time to time.
  • However, the total amount of penalty cannot exceed the amount of tax in arrears.
  • Before levying any penalty, the assessee is given a reasonable opportunity of being heard.
  • The penalty cannot be levied for non-payment of interest or the amount of penalty.
  1. CBDT Circular No.1/2012, dt. 9-4-2012
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  1. State Bank of India Kolkata Offices has not yet issued TDS Certificates for interests earned on Fixed Deposit Accounts,(EVEN ON 22/06/2018)
    From Traces Website It is seen that this year ie FY 2017-18 the Deductor (SBI)TAN NO is MUMS86181E(Mumbai No),while in previous years the TAN NO was CALS02119F(Calcutta No).From this year it is CENTRALISED FROM MUMBAI LEADING TO THE CHAOS.It seems that the Mumbai Office who is probably looking after the job has not yet sent it to the branches .Mails to Chairman and all concerned has met with no result.As per Tax Calender what is the last date of issue of TDS and what is the Penalty in this regard.For failure to meet the deadline of 31/07/2018 a fine of Rs 5000 will be charged for tax payer
    Kindly suggest.
    With thanks

  2. sir I am a pensioner of apspdcl my employeer has deducted income tax on my pension for financial year 2017-2018 further i have deposited my terminal benefits at sbi apart from deduction of 10 percent on interest still i have to pay tax how can i club the both my pension and interest on fd and is there any extension of time limit for balance tax payment without penality

  3. UCO Bank BurdwanRoad Branch Siliguri deducted Income tax from my pension. The amount deducted from Jan to March 2017 has not been reflected in form 26AS till date. Bank says that their consultant has deposited the same. Now what should I do?

  4. Tds has been deducted for the FY 2014-15 by the company on FD on my mothers account who is senoir citizen, I had already filed her return and claimed the refund for that particular year,Though i had informed them about the same they still went ahead and deducted the same.
    Now while following the same with the company they informed that the same was deposited in the year 2014-15, now how can i claim this amount Amount is Rs 512/-
    Co.name is KTDFC. Pl guide on this.

    • Hello Lalit, I could not able to understand your query completely. Do you want to say that amount of Rs.512 had missed to claim in return???

  5. Thanks this is very informative & interesting website where people will get more knoledge

  6. Thanks for your Information. Can we claim an expense on which TDS needs to be deducted, if we deducted lower amount as TDS .

  7. sir,
    we are paying as rent of rs 30000 per month and now the tds rate increased to 14% means rs 4200 service tax total of 34200, on which amount i shall deduct the tds for rent @10% on 34200 or basic rent rs 30000 kindly guide me

  8. a deductor company has deducted TDS in FY 2011-12 & 2012-13, but not deposited the TDS till date. The ITO has not been able to recover the TDS from them. in the meantime, my AO has assessed my return and demanded the tax from me alongwith penal interest. what is the remedy..

  9. Sir, i am working at construction company. In this company so many sub contractors working . we paid every week advance amount and balance amount on next month up to 10th.But bill was raised every month ends. Pls guide me how to calculate & how to file TDS on sub contractors

  10. We are contractor and are doing bank interior contracting.
    the bank always deducts our VAT TDS but never issues us TDS certificate on time and says it is not mandatory to issues us VAT TDS certificate in time.
    But the MVAT rule say the deductor has to issue VAT TDS CERTIFICATE immediately.
    How can we be protected
    please help and reply by mail is possible.
    Thank you

  11. Sir,
    An amount of Rs.17.252/- has been deducted from my pension for the month of 2/2014 by The Director of Accounts,Hyderabad the Drawing Officer being the Sub -treasury officer,Kadapa.The credit particulars are loaded in form 26-AS against my PAN. But when I approached the S.T.O,Kadapa in person for form 16-A, i was informed that it is not received from the D.O.A,Hyderabad and it can be collected after it receipt personally from his office and cannot be sent by post to my address at Mysore where i am residing.So I submitted a self addressed cover to him with a request to post it to my address after it is received from the D.O.A.Hyderabad.I wish to know if it is the duty of the tax payer to collect the form -16A from the drawing officer and the drawing officer does not have any responsibility to see that it reaches the tax payer before the due date of filing return to the I.T.Department.Till now(3/8/2014),i have not received the form 16 to enable me to file the return.What excuse i can have now for not being able to file the return before the statutory due date 31/07/2014.Please guide me.

  12. Sir, i am working at construction company. In this company so many sub contractors working . we paid every week advance amount and balance amount on next month up to 10th.But bill was raised every month ends. Pls guide me how to calculate & how to file TDS on sub contractors (quarterly) .

    • Dear frnd
      if you have paid more then 30000/- advance in one time or in a month to a sub contractor. deduct 1% of total advance paid during the month( if sub cont individuals) otherwise 2%

      if contractor have not valid pan no. then deduct 20%

      thanks with regards
      Pawan sharma

  13. please guide me i do not deposit T.D.S. on salary from 1-4 to 31-3 & deposit it in the month of Apr of Next F.Y. then what is the scene of penalty & will this tax dues show any impact in annual report of the company.
    Nishant Shah
    [email protected]


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