How to Apply for Voter ID Card online – A Step by Step Guide

For a country like India, Voter ID card serves as an important document of identification. Irrespective of whether you are buying a new sim card or buying a house, Voter ID card is a must. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has recently simplified the process to register for Voter ID cards by taking the facility online. Earlier the process of applying for Voter IDs was lengthy and time-bound. There was a limited window period during which people were required to fill up forms at respective centres and then wait for almost 3 months for their cards to arrive. Introduction of the online process has facilitated people by offering a 24 x 7 portal.

Documents required to register:

Before you decide to apply for a Voter ID card online, make sure you have the following ready with you:

  • Recent scanned photograph
  • Age proof (any document where your existing age/ date of birth is mentioned. For example- birth certificate)
  • Address proof (any document where your current address is mentioned. For example – driving license)

Online Registration process for Voter ID Card:

Once you have the above -mentioned documents ready with you, it is time to start the online application. It is always advised to use a stable internet connection to avoid any submission errors.

Step 1 – Visit the official website for Online Voter ID card registration –

Step 2 – Click on the option which says Registration of new Voter

Step 3 – Upon clicking, you would be taken to Form 6. This is the registration form that users would need to fill up. The form is available in 3 different languages – Hindi, English and Malayalam.

Step 4 – Form 6 needs to be completed with diligence. It is here that users would be required to upload their photograph, age proof document and address proof document.

Step 5– After completing the form, users would be required to click on the “Submit” button.

After submitting the form, a confirmation email would be sent by the department to the mentioned email address. Also, there would be a text follow up on the mentioned phone number.

How long will it take?

Online application process has made the registration process faster. Earlier it used to take upto 3 months for Voter IDs to reach its respective owners. With online facility, users can now get their Voter IDs within a month. However, the first 7 days post registration is considered as an objection period.

What is Objection Period?

Objection period refers to a time frame of 7 days post submission of Form 6. Under this period, the registration form will be put up on ERO’s (Electoral Registration Officer) notice board. The objective is to invite any objection related to issuance of Voter ID to the respective person. After the 7th day, no objection can be raised with respect to issuance of Voter ID card.

Thus, we find that the Election Commission of India is taking positive steps to overcome its operational shortcoming by taking the process online.

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