Ready 7 Documents for A.Y.2023-24 & A.Y.2022-23 Income Tax Return

No doubt, there is no need to enclose any documents with income tax return now. But it is advisable that you should prepare all supporting documents on the behalf of you filed income tax return. As Assessing Officer may demand these documents at any time after the filing of the income tax return.

Documents in Support of Income Tax Return

No documents to be attached with income tax return forms. You just prepare these documents and kept with you for future reference.

  1. Statement of computation of Income
  2. TDS Certificate in Form 16  or 16A
  3. Balance sheet, profit & loss account, capital account and audit report if applicable
  4. Proof of receipts and payment
  5. Interest certificates like housing loan interest, the personal loan interest
  6. Deductions proof like children’s school fees, insurance premium receipts, provident fund, NSCs, mutual fund, NSS,  donations, claimed insurance policies
  7. Any other documents which may be necessary to claim as a proof

The above documents are no need to attach with income tax return but all is for your help in future to use as a proof or supporting documents.

Audit Report

Accordingly, the CBDT has prescribed that return forms shall not be accompanied by any attachment/annexure including statement of computation of income or tax or notes thereto, copies of balance sheet, profit and loss or tax or notes thereto, copies of balance sheet, proof of payment of advance tax/self assessment tax, audit report or any other document.

However, audit report shall be furnished electronically alongwith the return [rule 121(2)]

According to CBDT Circular No. 3/2009 dt. 21.5.2009 it has been clarified that

The tax-audit report shall neither be attached with the return nor furnished separately. However, audit shall be completed and audit report shall be obtained before the due date.

No other document, statutory form or audit report (except report u/s 92E) shall be attached with the return. All these documents should be retained by the assesse and furnished in original during security proceeding.

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