Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

As you all know to get income tax refund, we have to file income tax return by showing the excess tax paid or excess TDS deposited or excess advance tax pay as the case may be. Income Tax department on the basis of return file will issue income tax refund to the assessees. Some time it is delayed by the income tax department because of some mismatch, errors or any reasons. But we have the right to know what is the reason behind to delay of income tax refund. You can also check the status of your income tax refund for particular year or assessment year.

Find how to check income tax refund status?

The procedure is very simple and easy. Income Tax Department with the help of TIN facility provide the service to check status of income tax refund.

Go to the website of Tin Center or Particular Link to Check Status of Refund

Write your PAN number and select assessment year for which you want to track. Submit the form and it will tell you the status not the reason. You can contact to ITO of your range or ward. It all works because of (Centralized Processing Center) as defined in ‘Refund Banker Scheme’.

income tax refund status

What to do when receive refund voucher

When the refund voucher sent to you for income tax refund then simultaneously the advices is also sent to RBI. So when you will go to cleared the refund it may be returned by the bank if RBI has not received the advice paper. So we advice to assessee that present the refund voucher after 4 or 5 days or 1 week of its receipt, so RBI can also receive the advice for your refund. It will save your time and avoid any harassment by the bank. You can also claim interest on delayed refund but we will cover detail in next articles. So stay with us subscribe your email id like our facebook page to get updates on Income Tax Refund status.

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