Form 15H: How to Download and Fill Form 15H?

If one is aged 60 years or over,they can fill up form 15H so that tax can be reduced from the interest that they earn on fixed deposits or recurring deposits in banks. In the case of citizens who are classified as senior by Indian banks and other financial institutions, a provision is made to … Read more

SBI PPF Account Online: Interest Rates, Procedure and More

SBI PPF Account: In this era of digital banking, initiating the process of opening an SBI PPF account online is incredibly simple. While you can begin the process online, keep in mind that you will need to visit an SBI branch once to submit the required documents and complete the process. With your SBI net … Read more

How to Pre-validate Bank Account for Faster Refund?

As per Income Tax Department guidelines, you will get your income tax refund only if your bank account is validated on the income tax filing portal. So all taxpayers who want income tax refunds fast and without any error should pre-validate their bank account on the income tax portal. The official website of income tax … Read more

ITR Intimation Notice 143(1) for Refund or Demand – What to Do?

ITR Intimation 143(1) for Refund or Demand: To facilitate online analysis of income tax returns, the Income Tax Department has set up a Centralised Processing Center (CPC). After your e-Filing, CPC processes all income tax returns that you have submitted. It is the main task of the Centralized Processing Center to send an intimation to … Read more

Mutual Fund Taxation A.Y. 2022-23 (STCG, LTCG and Dividend)

Mutual Fund Taxation A.Y. 2022-23: In case you are planning to invest or have already invested in mutual funds, you need to understand their taxation. You cannot get a better return on mutual funds without knowing the tax rules. You must know how to calculate taxes on mutual fund gains and dividends. You can find … Read more